We are an international group of learned societies, journals and public interest organisations that have come together to research viable and sustainable open access alternatives to the existing ecology of scholarly publishing dominated and controlled by commercial presses.

Open Access (OA) is at the heart of the vision for the future of scholarship that our member organisations subscribe to. We are keen to explore cooperative scenarios that may bring together societies, libraries, universities, editors and publishers in a project that proves sustainable and rewarding to all.

We have come to realize, however, that OA looks very different when approached in terms of the kinds of challenges and obligations that a learned society, a library, a journal editor or a funding agency have to confront on an everyday basis. Thus, whilst the question of long-term economic sustainability remains a problem for most, it is one that raises very different concerns and issues in each case. We have founded LIBRARIA to address this many-faceted yet shared problematic.

At LIBRARIA we want to open up a space where member organisations can share their perspectives, needs, capacities and expectations about OA. We want to research the conditions that might allow for a cooperative approach to the future of scholarly communications. We think that the concerns we each have – libraries, editors, learned societies, funding agencies – regarding the economic viability of OA can be superseded if we cooperate in designing an ecology of scholarly communications that places our shared interest in the public value of knowledge at the front.

LIBRARIA brochure for libraries

LIBRARIA brochure for journals