Berghahn Open Anthro

In 2019-2020 Berghahn Journals will be piloting the LIBRARIA model with academic libraries.

Under the name Berghahn Open Anthro portfolio of open access titles will include 13 of its core anthropology journals. Academic libraries that subscribe to Berghahn journals will be given the option to select a 2020 subscribe-to-open option on renewing the listed Berghahn journals at the same price as the current closed access.

These titles will move to open access in 2020, if a sufficient number of libraries opt for this model of open access.

The Berghan Open Anthro collection includes:

Anthropological Journal of European Cultures

Anthropology of the Middle East

Cambridge Journal of Anthropology

Conflict and Society

Environment and Society


Journal of Legal Anthropology

Learning and Teaching (LATISS)

 Migration and Society

Museum Worlds

 Religion and Society


Social Analysis