Open Access for Anthropology: A Model for Universal OA

We are delighted to announce that we are organizing an invitational workshop on “Open Access for Anthropology: A Model for Universal OA” to be held April 24th, 2019 at MIT. At the workshop we shall present the model of a pilot project we have agreed to develop in partnership with Berghahn journals and select titles from their anthropology portfolio.

The workshop will bring together journal editors, societies, publishers, and funders in the area of anthropology, along with representatives of the research libraries and strategic advisors, to explore the potential of combining two very promising OA approaches. We already have confirmation of attendance from cOAlition S, The Wenner-Gren Foundation, Annual Reviews, Association of Research Libraries, SPARC, SCOAP3, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, Harvard Office for Scholarly Communications, the MIT Open Access Taskforce, and Knowledge Unlatched (amongst others) reflecting the promise seen in this approach.

In its simplest terms, the model we are proposing builds on the success of SCOAP3 by asking the libraries currently subscribing to these anthropology journals to support their move to open access. It also draws on the Gates Foundation’s strategy of having the funder pay publishers directly for the publishing costs associated with articles representing funded research. In combining the SCOAP3 and Gates approaches, we are asking anthropology’s research funders to pay for the publication of the research they sponsor – amounting to roughly a quarter of these journals’ articles, involving over a hundred funders – while soliciting the support of the libraries currently subscribing to these titles to cover the remainder of the journals’ publication costs. At this point, Crossref is already in a position to track the articles’ funders, while Knowledge Unlatched has the resources to garner the support of the libraries.

The pilot will begin with interested parties in anthropology, but with an eye to how this L+F model for open access might work for other social sciences, humanities, and STEM fields.

To request an invitation to attend the workshop, please contact john.willinsky[at]

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