OA Cooperative Study

LIBRARIA is delighted to be part of the Public Knowledge Project’s Open Access Publishing Cooperative Study project, which has received a $460,00 grant from the MacArthur Foundation.

Unlike other OA initiatives, the PKP project sets to investigate the benefits and advantages that would accrue to a cooperative partnership between libraries, scholarly societies, editors, authors and funders.

The OA model that is currently in place among commercial presses shifts the costs of publication from the publisher to the author, who must now pay in excess of $2000 in author-processing-charges (APCs) if she wishes to make her research openly available (in addition, that is, to the hefty subscription fees that libraries must pay for purchasing bundles of journals). The distributive injustice of this model has been widely reported.

In its stead, an OA cooperative platform aims to reimagine the economics of publishing. As PKP explains, the cooperative model “begins with the assumption that the in-excess of ten billion dollars being spent on journals today is more than enough to finance a transition to open access. We do not need to introduce new money into the picture. Libraries, journals, societies, and presses may be able to arrive at cooperative ways of utilizing existing funding to provide open access for all.”

The Public Knowledge Project is a founding member of LIBRARIA and our network of partners will be one of the project’s pilot sites.