Since our foundation in 2014 our work has advanced through tactical alliances and close collaboration with numerous stakeholders, including libraries, journals, scholarly societies, publishers, and infrastructure providers.

In particular, over time our work has focused in helping design and catalyze specific demonstration projects in three areas of open access advocacy work:

(i) Subscribe-to-Open (S2O), where in partnership with Berghahn Journals we are monitoring a pilot project to flip 13 of their anthropology journals to open access, and are planning to test the applicability of the model to other interested parties (including Brill and Sage to date); 

(ii) Scholarly Societies, where we have been liaising, advocating and developing ad-hoc financial and business models to flip the journals portfolios of various scholarly societies, such as the American Anthropological Association, the European Association of Social Anthropologists, the European Association of Archaeologists or 4S, amongst others.

(iii) Cooperate for Open, where we work towards leveraging our relations with libraries and funders to help small OA operations develop sustainable cooperative long-term publishing strategies.